ALMOST 1,000 people have been fined for not wearing a mask in Malaga city, it has been revealed.

Since the region-wide rule making the wearing of masks mandatory came into place on Wednesday, an average of 250 people have been fined in Malaga each day.

The total number of people to receive the €100 sanction stood at 938 as of 7am on Monday morning.

It comes after 60 people received fines this weekend for failing to wear the protective gear while attending illegal parties in Puerto de la Torre and Penon del Cuervo.

The former had around 50 party goers, 39 of which were sanctioned for not wearing a mask.

The latter saw youths erect a stage on the beach, with 20 people receiving fines for not having masks on.

In the centre of the city, a cocktail bar owner was also fined for allowing in too many people and for failing to ensure social distancing was adhered to.

Since Wednesday, Algeciras has issued 311 fines for not wearing masks, with the majority being handed out on beaches.

The new ruling makes it mandatory to wear the mask at all times outdoors, whether or not social distancing can be guaranteed.

There are several exceptions to the rule and you do not have to don the mask while with your family at the beach (as long as you’re seated) or while eating.

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