SEVEN beaches in Malaga’s Nerja were closed this Sunday after reaching maximum capacity, as well as others in Mijas and Benalmadena.

This is not the first time sun seekers have been turned away from the beach due to overcrowding.

Just a few weeks ago, some 30 beaches were forced to close in the Costa del sol area, around 55 throughout the entire region of Andalucia.

The popularity of Nerja’s beaches saw seven temporary closures by mid-morning yesterday, these were: la Torrecilla, la Caletilla, El Salón, Calahonda, Carabeo, Carabeillo and Maro.

According to official sources, these beaches are relatively small and closures have been frequent since the de-escalation phase permitted use of them.

The closures are all temporary, pending a reduction in capacity to make way for new bathers.

Other popular and relatively small beaches that were also forced to close on Sunday were the Piedra del Cura in Mijas and Torrebermeja and Benalnatura in Benalmadena.

Meanwhile, beaches in Malaga city saw fewer crowds than on previous weekends.

The beaches of Guadalmar and the Golf Course, which usually experience a massive influx of people had spaces available all day.

Authorities recommend that bathers consult the capacity of the Malaga coast before heading to the beach for the day, especially on Sundays which see a higher influx of people.

In other areas of Spain, holidaymakers have to pre-book their beach spot. This includes Levante beach in Benidorm.

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