A San Pedro-based team of 10 are on a double mission: to save the planet and to save you money at the same time.

Mariposa Energía launched at the end of last year and it’s shaking up the electricity market by providing cheaper energy tariffs, while also providing 100% certified green energy, coming exclusively from Spanish wind farms.

Wind farm
WIND POWER: Clean, green and cheap

In fact, the Mariposa Energía team are so confident they can save households and businesses money that they will prove it. Simply send them a recent energy bill and they will calculate the amount you would have saved if your electricity was supplied via Mariposa Energía.

Consumers who switch with Mariposa Energía, not only benefit from cheaper bills, they also have the knowledge that they are reducing their carbon footprint with one of the cleanest forms of electricity available.

Electricity from wind farms creates among the lowest levels of environmental impact of any source of electricity. Unlike traditional fossil fuels, there are no emissions that pollute the air and cause greenhouse gases

The wind turbines take up far less land space than a traditional power plant and they do not consume large quantities of water for either generating electricity or for cooling purposes.

Plus wind energy is a renewable source of energy, meaning it is constantly replenished and will never run out.

green party expanding
The green solution

CEO and founder of Mariposa Energía, Martin Tye, said: “Saving the planet is something that myself and the whole team at Mariposa Energía are passionate about. We know it can often be difficult to prioritise our planet but our cheaper electricity tariffs give everyone the opportunity to save money and also to do their bit to help protect the future of our planet at the same time.”

While switching energy suppliers is common practice in many European countries it is a relatively new concept in Spain and it can often be difficult to imagine how it can be achieved without the need for a lot of work to be done.

But the process of switching with Mariposa Energía is really straightforward. The team simply make the switch at the source and send their cleaner, greener energy down the same cables, meaning there’s no need for any new cables or equipment or for any work to be done.

“It’s literally easier than flicking a switch. You won’t even notice it’s happened, until you start receiving cheaper energy bills,” Martin said.

And you can expect those energy bills to be a lot easier to understand, which was a key point for Mariposa Energía.

“Electricity bills are notoriously difficult to understand and it’s often challenging to know how much energy you have consumed. That’s why we’ve made our bills simple, straightforward and easy to understand.”

Another unique point about Mariposa Energía is their approach to customer service. Instead of having to deal with a faceless call centre, all Mariposa Energía clients have their own named point of contact, who knows their account and will support them through the process.

“We’re helping businesses and households alike to save money. As long as you spend €25 or more per month on your electricity we’re confident we can save you money. Some of our clients are saving as much as 35% on their electricity bills.

“If you’re a business that consumes a high amount of energy, such as a restaurant, that could make a big different to your monthly fixed costs and overheads.”

To find out how much you could save, the friendly English, Spanish and Swedish team can be contacted at their San Pedro offices on +34 951 120 830 or at info@mariposaenergia.es

Or visit www.mariposaenergia.es for more information.

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