A GANG of masked thieves destroyed part of a Sabadell Bank branch in Els Poblets on the northern Costa Blanca this morning(July 30), as they targetted an ATM.

Police say that the crook’s explosive tactics mirrored a raid 10 days earlier further south on a Gran Alacant ATM, which saw the crew flee without any cash.

They are also believed to be the masterminds of a strike against a machine in Torrent back in March.

The latest incident saw an explosion rip through the Sabadell office in Els Poblets at around 3.30am.

The blast was so severe that a large part of the branch was destroyed.

Shards of debris hit buildings across the main street, which was closed all morning as the Guardia Civil combed the scene.

Guardia agents have reviewed security footage and done a fingerprint analysis.

Cameras have revealed that several masked individuals were involved in the robbery, as they stole money from the ATM and grabbed cashier boxes from inside the branch.

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