SOME 14 new COVID-19 outbreaks have been detected across Spain’s Andalucia. 

Figures released today show there are now 86 active outbreaks across the southernmost region, totalling 893 confirmed cases. 

In the past 24 hours, eight outbreaks have been detected in Malaga, three in Sevilla, two in Cadiz and one in Granada.

There has also been one death, in Huelva, while the number of cases increased by 316, the highest daily climb since April. 

Meanwhile, according to the regional health ministry, 25 more people have been hospitalised. 

Malaga counted six new outbreaks on the western Costa del Sol on Thursday.

Three of them involve four cases, another five, another seven and another nine. 

Its two other outbreaks are in La Vega, where there are six infected, and Malaga city, where there are five. 

Meanwhile in Sevilla, there have been three new outbreaks. 

Two are in Aljarafe, counting 10 cases in total, while another focus with four cases was detected in the capital. 

Back towards the coast, Cadiz registered two outbreaks on Thursday, one in the Jerez-Costa Noroeste district, with five infected, and another in the Bahia de Cadiz-La Janda district, where there are four cases. 

Granada, meanwhile, reported one outbreak in the past 24 hours, in the Granada Sur district (consisting of five infected). 

The figures also show that 186 cases have been added to pre-existing outbreaks in the region.

This includes the outbreak linked to a nightclub in Mojacar, which has added 48 more positives, bringing the total to 68.

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