ANDALUCIA is continuing to register several hundred cases of COVID-19 cases each day.

According to the regional health ministry, the southernmost region registered 422 cases yesterday.

A further 23 were hospitalised, another two died while 39 overcame the virus.


The region registered a total of 2,950 cases in the first 12 days of August alone, more than May, June and July combined.

In May there were 711 registered cases, June saw 411 cases and July, 1,961.

By province, Malaga and Almeria currently have the highest number of new positive cases.

Malaga registered 100 new cases on Thursday, up from the roughly 80 recorded on Wednesday.

Almeria saw the largest increase yesterday with 128 positive results and nine new hospitalisations.

There were 52 new cases detected in Cadiz, 48 in Sevilla, 32 in Granada, 24 in Cordoba, 23 in Jaen and 15 in Huelva.

Nightclubs a hotbed for coronavirus

Some of the biggest outbreaks in the community are linked to nightlife. The most concerning took place in Cordoba, where 400 individuals gathered in a nightclub to celebrate a high school graduation party which led to over 130 positive cases.

However, overall, the majority of the new cases occur after small family reunions rather than large gatherings.

According to the Junta, 78% of the active outbreaks of COVID-19 have emerged from parties of less than 10 people.

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