A Torrevieja councillor has slammed inconsiderate families who are ignoring barriers to set up outdoor night time dining rooms on the city’s beaches.

The beaches are closed each night for cleaning as part of the coronavirus measures put in place, with them being taped off.

But that has not stopped some extended families from setting up tables and chairs, bringing dining sets and even fridges.

Federico Alarc  N

Councillor of Citizen Security Federico Alarcon said: “They only pay attention when they see police arrive, then they usually get up and leave,” in what is being described as a ‘systematic failure to comply’.

At the town’s central Cura Beach, tales of families setting up tables and chairs were reported, with them dining until after 10pm, long after beaches are meant to be closed at 8.30pm

Alarcon reminds people that, ‘the police, in addition to reprimanding them for violating the rules, could fine them €100 for not wearing a mask [at the table]’, just like in a restaurant.

Cura Beach Torrevieja Day
URBAN SETTING: Cura Beach, Torrevieja

He continued: “It seems that some families don’t care, we counted up to 10 tables on Cura beach after 10 pm.”

He also counted around 20 people swimming late at night, a pastime also banned as part of the restrictions.

Similar scenes have been witnessed at Torrevieja’s Naufragos , Los Locos and La Mata beaches.

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