A SINGLE arsonist could be responsible for a series of fires over two weekends in the Marina Alta region of the northern Costa Blanca.

Experts believe that many of the blazes started close to roads and the Guardia Civil has been alerted by the Valencian Emergencies department to look out for any suspicious behaviour.

The relatively close proximity between the different fires also suggest a pattern which is more than just a passing motorist recklessly throwing out a cigarette butt from a car.

The chief operational officer for the Alicante Province fire service, Pepe Cerda, said:

“The simultaneous nature of these outbreaks is especially worrying.”

The most serious incident happened on August 8 when 158 hectares of forest was raised to the ground at Vall de la Gallinera.

A second wave of fires hit the Marina Alta last weekend when the historical site of La Rana in Gata de Gorgos saw a century-old 30-metre high eucalyptus tree badly damaged.

Gata de Gorgos mayor, Josep Francesc Signes, said: “I believe this could be a case of arson.”

Other incidents were subsequently reported at Xalo, Orba, Falzia de Javea, and in the Collao de Benimaurell area of the Vall de Legaur.

Further fires were dealt with in Javea on Monday and Gata de Gorgos on Tuesday. 

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