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PAEDOS IN CRIME: Mystery man may have abused children alongside prime Maddie McCann suspect

Christian Brueckner And Maddie
Christian Brueckner is the leading suspect in the disappearance of Madeliene mccann

EXCLUSIVE By Jon Clarke in Messines, Portugal 

MADDIE MCCANN suspect Christian Brueckner may have had another accomplice during a recent child sex crime in Portugal, the Olive Press can reveal.

The blonde man of a similar height to the German paedophile was seen out with him on a night when he was arrested for exposing himself to children in 2017.

According to police sources in the Algarve, he arrived at a village festival with the mystery man. 

Cb And Maddie
SUSPECT: Christian Breuckner linked to a series of other sex crimes as well as being the prime suspect in Maddie’s disappearance

The pair were drinking at the local fiesta, an annual bash centered around the local delicacy of snails, in Messines. 

That night at around 1am, Brueckner exposed himself in front of four children. 

The convicted paedophile was hiding under the slide of the park’s playground with his trousers by his knees, a police source said.

Parents were alerted to the German by the children, who ran over to them distressed and alarmed. 

Maddie Playground
The playground where Brueckner exposed himself to children

It was then an off duty officer approached Brueckner and demanded documentation.

She held back four furious fathers as she quizzed the German.

Brueckner claimed he had been merely urinating but the parents pointed out that the ground was bone dry.

The officer called for back-up before asking Brueckner how he had arrived at the festival.

He first told the policewoman he had arrived by car, but later changed his story after she asked where the vehicle was.

It came as witnesses claimed a man who he was with had fled the scene as the drama unfolded. 

They described him as having a similar appearance to Brueckner, measuring the same height with blonde hair.

It is believed he may have taken off in the vehicle. 

It comes after witnesses in the Maddie McCann case say they saw two blonde men outside the family’s rental apartment just hours before she vanished.

One was said to have blue eyes, like Brueckner, while the other had green.They were seen by two sisters who were on holiday, outside the Praia da Luz resort in 2007.

Brueckner was announced the prime suspect in June after discovering his phone had been used outside the Ocean Club half an hour before Maddie vanished. 

On the night of his most recent arrest in June 2017, police discovered he had an Interpol arrest warrant against him.

The warrant revealed he had a history of child sex crimes and was wanted in Germany, police in Portugal said.

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