POLICIA Nacional are investigating the origins of a forest fire at the weekend which left the Laguna Village complex in Estepona in ruins.

Sources have told Spanish press and the Olive Press that there has yet to be an arrest for the inferno, which took over 24 hours to put out.

It comes after reports of an arrest were shared widely on social media yesterday.

The flames originated in the Rio Padron area and were officially declared a forest fire at 2pm on Saturday.

Strong winds carried the fire across the A-7 and to Laguna Village and the Kempinski hotel.

Several aircraft and dozens of firefighters were roped in to tackle the blaze, which was not fully extinguished until 3pm the next day.

Junta de Andalucia spokesman Elias Bendodo travelled to the scene of the fire on Sunday evening, where he said investigators are locating the exact source of the flames.

The starting point, according to Diario Sur, is now believed to be Prado World.

A yet unidentified individual is believed to have set fire to some bushes in that area.

While a motive is not yet clear, police sources told Spanish press that an ongoing dispute over the use of a farm near Prado World may be behind the arson attack.

Much of Laguna Village is now destroyed, but Estepona Mayor Jose Urbano has vowed to return it to its glory by next summer.

The fire affected around 42 hectares of land and forced the evacuation of 30 homes and the Kempinski Hotel.

All were permitted to return once the flames were brought under control.

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