THE Government of the Balearic Islands has today enforced a partial return to lockdown in several districts of Palma de Mallorca.

The move, actioned by the Ministry of Health, serves to reduce the number of coronavirus infections in areas where it is the most prevalent.

It is also supported by epidemiological research which has shown that there is high community transmission in the region.

The restrictive measures, outlined below, will come into force in Son Gotleu, Can Capes, Soledat Nord and Son Canals and will impact some 22,700 people.

Access to these districts will now be completely controlled by the police forces.

Only those who reside or work in these areas will be allowed inside and residents will have to justify an exceptional reason at police checkpoints if they want to leave. 

This could include taking your children to school, going to work or travelling to care for an elderly person.

In addition, meetings between family, friends and work colleagues will be limited to a maximum of five people. 

Weddings and religious services, excluding funerals, will all be strictly prohibited in this restrictive period.

Sporting and cultural activities consisting of more than five people are also banned.

Gyms and sports centres must close immediately and all parks in these areas will be cordoned off for use.

Capacity will also be capped to 50% in bars, cafes and restaurants both indoors and on terraces and all of these establishments most close no later than 10pm.

In addition, these business owners must establish hours with a priority service for those over the age of 65.

Fines will be handed out to anyone found flouting the rules.

This partial lockdown will come into place from Friday and will last a minimum of 15 days.

According to Health Minister Patricia Gomez, this period will be extended if the number of COVID-19 infections do not decline.

It comes as other regions in Spain are evaluating whether to enforce new restrictions to halt contagion.

The Junta de Andalucia announced yesterday that the Ministry of Health is advising municipalities across Malaga to limit social events to what is ‘strictly necessary.’

More restrictive measures could be announced next week.

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