ANDALUCIA has added 977 coronavirus cases in the past 24 hours, new figures from the Junta show.

It is a jump from the less than 800 recorded yesterday, while Malaga has returned to being the most affected province.

The home of the Costa del Sol recorded 292 cases on Thursday, followed by Sevilla with 175, Almeria (156), Cadiz (119), Jaen (91), Granada (76) and Huelva (8).

Meanwhile a total of 213 people have overcome the diseases since yesterday.

According to the Junta, 98 more people have been hospitalised due to coronavirus while 10 more patients have been admitted into intensive care.

Thursday also saw 16 people lose their lives to COVID-19 across the region.

Almost half of those, seven, took place in Malaga, representing the province’s deadliest day this summer.

Three other deaths occurred in Almeria, one in Cadiz and Granada, and two in both Jaen and Sevilla.

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