A DOG walker in Cuevas del Norte, Murica, has discovered an active mortar grenade and aviation projectile while out for a stroll in Sangonera la Verde.

Bomb disposal specialists were called in by Guardia Civil to move and neutralise the dangerous devices.

The discovery of such wartime weapons in Spain is surprisingly common.

In 2019, an unexploded Civil War bomb was found at a farm house in Antequera.

The Guardia Civil has issued a series of steps for civilians to follow if they stumble upon a bomb while on their daily walk:

  1. Do not touch it
  2. Do not move it
  3. Call the Guardia Civil emergency number 062
  4. Remain where you are until the authorities arrive where possible
  5. Do not put the device in your car and drive it to the police station. This could kill you and has killed others in the past.

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