When a brand new series on Netflix drops, the fans are unsurprising quick to react with their reviews of the show. And this was certainly the case with Spanish documentary La Línea, la sombra del narco which dropped this week. 

The brand new series portrays the dangerous world of crime and corruption on the town on the coast of Cadiz. 

According to the streaming giant, the production team conducted  81 interviews and has 336 hours of recording ‘to tell the day-to-day of the conflict in one of the largest enclaves in the country’.

After premiering on Wednesday, it quickly climbed to the number one slot on Netflix Spain’s most viewed chart – and immediately viewers took to social media to discuss the show.

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But it seems the four-part series sparked a mixed reaction, with many praising it’s cinematography and interviews but others seemingly left feeling disappointed. 

One person wrote on Twitter: “Highly recommended La Línea, la sombra del narco, from Netflix. A miniseries report that addresses the drug problem on the coast of Cádiz. It is fast and it is entertaining.” 

La Linea 6

Another said: “I finished the first episode of La Linea and it’s really good and interesting so far. It is strange to watch because unlike Narcos, which is a real story played out by actors, this is all real. What does come across is that the police are totally outnumbered.” 

A third agreed: “I watched all of La Linea on Netflix today, a crime series from Gibraltar about all the smuggling which was good.”

One viewer complained that the quality of the audio, tweeting: “10 minutes into La Linea shadow of narco and I’m gonna have to give up..both the English translation and the Spanish original are almost on the same volume sounds like two people talking at the same time.” 

Others felt it wasn’t a fair representation of the town, with one person writing: I watched the trailer of the line the Netflix movie describes living there as a hell worse than death, and am I really from there? Because everything they describe I have never felt and I was born there. I am an adventurer who survived the line!” 

The series was released amid protests from residents who launched A Change.org petition demanding that the show be removed from the platform. 

Campaigners said the believed the show would destroy ‘the economy and the possibility of any type of tourism’ in the area, adding that they were ‘fed up’ of La Linea being shown as a city of ‘drug trafficking, debauchery and banditry’. 

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