SPAIN’S Valencian Community has suffered 960 new coronavirus infections, bringing the cumulative number to 30,906 people.

Details published last night, September 11, showed that since the last update, nine more have died from the virus. A total of 1,556 have now died of COVID-19 throughout the region.

Alicante province has recorded 534 deaths, Castellon 231 and Valencia as a province has seen 791 deaths.

A breakdown of numbers admitted to hospital is as follows:

41 in the province of Castellon, with eight patients in ICU
148 in the province of Alicante, 32 of them in the ICU
275 in the province of Valencia, 32 of them in the ICU.

Also published were the numbers of positive cases found in the region’s care homes:

Nursing homes recorded 55 new cases (four in Castellon, 17 in Alicante and 34 in Valencia)
There were nine new cases in centres for people with functional diversity (two in Castellon, three in Alicante and four in Valencia) 
And five new infections were recorded in children’s homes (one in Castellon, three in Alicante and one in Valencia).

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