The modern world is characterised by globalisation. Watching an American film while eating a Thai curry perched on the edge of your Swedish sofa is a normal Saturday night. 

We have free roaming for our phone data and currency cards without transaction fees to make travelling painless. 

All these amenities to contemporary living make the antiquated restrictions that are now rearing their ugly head because of Brexit all the more frustrating. 

At Olive Press we wholly empathise with the trials and tribulations faced by expats. Since Big Ben’s knell shook parliament at midnight on January 31, life in the EU is significantly more complicated.

Whether its a barrage of confusion at the extranjeria office (page number for TIE piece) or the news that Barclays is terminating credit cards for Brits living abroad (page number), it is clear ease of access has been replaced with increased exasperation. 

Since 1919, when commercial flights first began in the UK, we have benefited from a melting pot of homogenizing cultures . 

In this transition period of infuriating blurred lines and unspecified grey areas, it is more important than ever to remain outward looking and adventurous.

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