AN 11-year-old girl from Mallorca has been transferred to Barcelona’s Vall d’Hebron hospital after falling critically ill with coronavirus.

Doctors had taken the decision to move the young girl to the Catalan capital after her health rapidly declined while she was receiving treatment at Son Espases hospital. 

child covid mallorca
OPERATION: 11 medical professionals took part in the transfer

The youngster not only suffers from Graves disease, an autoimmune disease that affects the thyroid, but caught a myocardial infection which requires an external blood oxygenation therapy called ECMO.

Although this is undertaken frequently at Son Espases, it only is carried out on adults, meaning that she had to be moved urgently to Vall d’Hebron.

child covid mallorca
COMPLEX: The youngster was at all times connected to an oxygenation device

For this, a complex operation was launched involving the Guardia Civil and 11 specialised medical personnel from both Son Espases and the Air Force. 

Once at Son Sant Joan air base, she was taken by plane to Barcelona, at all times connected to an oxygenation device. 

Little Girl Covid 19
SERIOUS: The child suffers from an an autoimmune disease

She remains in a stable but critical condition in Barcelona.

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