THERE is not a ‘single reason’ for Andalucia to introduce lockdown-style measures similar to those brought in to parts of Madrid today.

That’s the verdict of the Junta spokesperson Elias Bendodo, who said at a press conference today that the region has the situation ‘under control.’

Bendodo said the current figures, which include less than 1,000 in hospital, are a third of the stats seen during the peak of the first wave in March.

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OPTIMISTIC: Elias Bendodo says Andalucia has the virus ‘under control’

He added that the level of contagion in the southernmost region is relatively low, with Andalucia registering 140 cases per 100,000 inhabitants, the fourth-lowest incidence rate in the country.

The national average is 280 while harder hit regions like La Rioja are clocking a rate of 550, and in Madrid it is above 600.

“The situation is under control, there are infections, but there is no pressure on healthcare like what was seen in the March wave,” Bendodo said.

“Madrid has made the difficult decision to limit mobility…there is not a single reason for Andalucia to enact similar measures.”

Bendodo praised the public for ‘strictly’ following the health measures, as well as the more than 8,000 health workers.

He added that more than 90% of care homes in the region are free from coronavirus thanks to ‘preparedness, controlling access, limiting visits’ and intense cleaning protocols.

Andalucia has registered 812 COVID-19 cases in the past 24 hours and 14 deaths.

According to the Junta, the majority of deaths have been in Malaga, where nine were counted on Monday, then Cordoba with two and Almeria, Cadiz and Sevilla registering one each.

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