ANDALUCIA has recorded 1,536 COVID-19 cases in the past 24 hours, almost double the 812 registered on Monday.

The figure is the second-highest daily increase since the start of the pandemic, according to the Junta de Andalucia.

Malaga continues to be the most impacted, clocking 547 cases in the past 24 hours, followed by Sevilla with 407.

The rest of the provinces follow far behind with Cordoba counting 175, Granada 141, Cadiz 133, Jaen 74, Alemria 47 and Huelva 12.

There have been 12 deaths in the past 24 hours, with Malaga counting four, Sevilla three, Cadiz two and one in both Cordoba and Almeria.

Over the past seven days there have been 5,716 infections detected by PCR, 392 hospitalisations (22 of them admitted to intensive care units) and 46 deaths.

There are now 1,024 coronavirus patients in Andalucian hospitals, 86 more than a week ago, of which 136 are in intensive care (16 more than a week ago).

At the height of the pandemic there were 2,708 hospitalisations and 438 coronavirus sufferers in ICUs in Andalucia.

The southernmost region has the fifth lowest incidence rate out of all the country’s communities, measuring 140.54 cases per 100,000 inhabitants.

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