A TEENAGER was forced to beg on the streets of Murcia City by two men who used him to raise money from sympathetic passers-by.

The Policia Nacional discovered nearly €2,000 in cash on the duo, who claimed to be on ‘holiday’ from Italy and said they were moving onto France.

The two Romanian men, aged 35 and 38, were arrested and bailed on the condition that they regularly report to a Murcia court.

They were detained after Policia Nacional agents spotted a 14-year-old boy in distress on a street and begging for money.

They saw the men approach him and take away all the cash donations in a suitcase.

Agents followed the men into Plaza de Santo Domingo and watched them count out the money.

The Romanians told them that they did not know the teenager but then changed their minds and claimed that he was a ‘friend’.

The youngster has been placed into the care of a juvenile detention centre.

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