A €7 million package to help fight drug traffickers in the Gibraltar Campo could help out regional law enforcement.

Recent raids have seen a number of gang members arrested, property and cash seized in the provinces of Cadiz and Malaga.

Fernando Grande-Marlaska is now promising to supply police forces with more equipment to fight the smugglers in the area.

He also wants to create new courts especially to deal with the menace to the rule of law in the area.

The pledge came after Lorena Roldan of Ciudadanos claimed that the police had ‘toy cars’ in comparison to what was available to the narcos.

A recent online mini-series highlighted the sort of life being lived in the Campo area, which was negatively impacting on society.

In the last anti-drugs operation, five members of the Titi clan were arrested in the early hours of Saturday morning.

Six million euros in property was also seized during the raids in the Gibraltar Campo and the Costa del Sol.

After one raid on a luxury villa in El Zabal, one of the 200 Guardia Civil agents remarked that ‘they lived like kings’.

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