SPAIN’S Supreme Court judges have unanimously ruled that Catalunya president, Quim Torra, should be removed from his position.

They upheld last December’s Catalunya court verdict that Torra be given an 18-month ban for allowing a flag in support of jailed regional separatists to be draped at a Barcelona public building during the April 2019 general election campaign.

Supreme Court judges confirmed today(September 28) that Torra was found to be in breach of Spain’s electoral laws but he described the case as ‘an act of repression against voters in Catalunya’.

He has also been fined €30,000.

Though the Supreme Court decision can be appealed, the procedure is that Torra has to stand down and his deputy, Pere Aragones, take over as an interim leader while the Catalan parliament vote in a new president.

If that cannot be done, then new regional elections will have to be organised.

The Supreme Court said in a statement that Torra has shown ‘obstinate resistance’ to following the law.

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