Spain is the most searched country on Google for people looking to relocate. 

iProperty Management examined Google’s Keyword Planner to identify which countries around the world people wanted to move to the most. 

The climate is a big draw, so perhaps it is unsurprising that Spain took the top spot with  690,360 searches – 37,600 of which were from UK internet users. 

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Sunny Spain was more than 194,000 searches ahead of Canada, which came  second place.

France came in third with 484,800 searches with Australia and Portugal also securing a spot in the top five with 242,760 and 212,280 searches, respectively.

People have long flocked to Spain in search of sand, sea and sunshine. As of 2019, the country was home to over 624,000 foreign residents, with expats counting for approximately 10% of the country’s total population.

And it’s Brits that seem to love it best – with folk from the UK making up nearly 70% of the expat population in Spain.

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