AN Almoradi-based charity has had its storage facility robbed of stock meant for food parcels.

Food Bank Break In 1
BREAK-IN: Food stolen

Big Reds was keeping hundreds of euros worth of groceries dry and safe while the charity’s new premises were being renovated.

However local thieves staged a robbery, helping themselves to food and other essentials meant for the needy in Vega Baja.

Charity manager Suella Campbell told the Olive Press: “They took all the fresh meat and left the cheap ham, they even had the nerve to steal the Heinz beans and leave the generic ones – it was a kick in the teeth.”

Food Bank Break In 3
DONATIONS: Food given

The Londoner added: “They won’t beat me, people have helped with replacement stock, Steve Howells Transport has helped with storage, and over 20 volunteers have come forward to help.

“When people put you down, steal goods from generous donations, when they rip their way into your property, they try to destroy your spirit and your happiness … what do you do?”

“You rise up with an army of even more supporters, even more donations and an even safer place to keep your stock.”

Food Bank Break In 2
VOLUNTEERS: Suella Campbell (R) with Andrea G, her “right arm”

Campbell’s charity shop in Almoradi had to close down after hours of trading on March 13, as the country went into a coronavirus lockdown.

And when a new animal rescue centre was found and renovations were underway, the food bank stock was stolen.

“I want to say a massive thank you to friends that have pumped me back up, and to the volunteers who rock,” she added.

“And a big big thank you to our community … WE’VE GOT THIS!”

Financial donations can be sent via PayPal to with the reference FOOD BANK.

Or simply visit the shop at Calle San Andres 16, Almoradi.

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