SPAIN has added 11,998 coronavirus cases on Tuesday, bringing the official caseload to 825,410.

According to the Ministry of Health, of these, 4,030 are from PCR tests performed in the past 24 hours, an increase of 1,931 from Monday.

Meanwhile there has been 261 deaths related to the virus in the past 24 hours.

It brings the total death toll since the pandemic began to 32,486, a figure which excludes nursing home deaths and those who died with symptoms of the virus but did not get tested in time.

There have been a total of 484 coronavirus deaths in Spain over the past seven days.

Almost two thirds of these have come from Madrid, Andalucia and Castilla y Leon.

Madrid leads the pack with 155 deaths in the past week, Andalucia with 79 and Castilla y Leon 74.

In Galicia there were 29 deaths over the same period; Extremadura, 24; Castilla La Mancha and Navarra, 22; Valencia and the Basque Country, 16; and La Rioja, 10.

In the Balearic Islands there were nine deaths in the last seven days; Catalunya, seven; Asturias, six; Aragon and the Canary Islands, five; Cantabria and Murcia, two; and Ceuta, one. Melilla counted no deaths over the same period.

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