POLICIA Local have broken up an open-air concert at Villamartin Plaza in Orihuela Costa, sending hundreds of attendees home.

More than 250 people were ordered to leave for not adhering to social distancing regulations while dining and enjoying the show.

Police later tweeted out a video to show the ‘lack of respect’ for hygiene and safety.

Dozens of bars and restaurants in the area serve hundreds of people on a regular basis, the vast majority being British.

Billed as an ‘End of the Season Show’ on social media, tables were supposed to be reserved in advance for the evening.

However, the event did not have the necessary social and health distancing measures imposed to stop the spread of coronavirus. 

Villamartin Plaza Day
POPULAR WITH BRITS: Villmartin Plaza by day

Sources say sanctions have been filed against six premises that did not respect sanitary measures and against Plaza Villamartin itself for organising the event.

A spokesperson for Villamartin Plaza said: “There was one complaint about a restaurant not social distancing so they stopped everything and yes it was totally legal, just two t**t policemen.”

A representative of The Tavern Bar at Villamartin said: “It was a great night, a great turn out, just spoiled by some morons.”

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