TWO men and a woman have been arrested in Mallorca after a violent dispute took place over the theft of a car.

Policia Nacional officers had responded to the incident in Palma’s Son Malferit neighbourhood after receiving multiple calls from concerned residents.

They reported that a man and a woman were trying to force entry inside a parked car and a fight was now taking place between the alleged thieves and car owner.

Once on the scene, the man and woman fled in a getaway car with officers failing to locate them in the area.

The car owner, 41, was subsequently interviewed and explained that he had stumbled upon the pair while they were attempting to break into his vehicle.

He proceeded to confront them but was allegedly punched in the face by the other man.

He then went to the boot of his car to retrieve an axe which he claimed he needed to defend himself, inflicting several gashes to the other man’s arm.

It was then that the police car pulled up with the man and woman running to a nearby car and driving away.

Believing that the alleged thief may need treatment for his injuries, calls were made to hospitals in the area where a description of the man was given.

This proved successful as a man had recently admitted himself for deep wounds to his arms.

Agents swiftly arrived at the emergency department, confirming that the injured patient was the man involved in the dispute.

After receiving multiple stitches the man, 50, was arrested for attempted robbery.

The woman, 20, later found out to be the man’s girlfriend, was also located and cuffed.

Further investigation revealed that the getaway car was also stolen and that the man held a fake driving license.

He was subsequently charged with a crime of falsification and a crime against traffic safety.

The car owner was also arrested for causing injury.

It comes just a week after a group of Romanians were arrested for targeting tourists parked up at service areas on the AP-7 motorway in the Valencian Community and Murcia region.

An operation had been launched after a stream of reports over the summer of crimes against foreign nationals.

The gang have since been charged with 39 crimes including theft from cars through to violent assaults against some motorists.

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