SILVER screen star Carmen Sevilla has died aged 89 in Spain.

Just five days away from her 90th birthday, Sevilla was confirmed to have ‘very advanced’ stages of dementia.

Born in Sevilla in 1948, the Oscar-nominated actress worked alongside Charlton Heston in Antony and Cleopatra in 1972.

The Ben Hur star was ‘surprised by Carmen’s immeasurable beauty’, and by her ‘professionalism’ when on set.

But her Academy Award nomination was for a different project: Vengeance, Searching for Monica in 1962.

Sevilla’s popularity was life long and she worked well into her 90s on popular TV shows such as Telecino Telecupón.

Sevilla could have been a Hollywood star but she rejected a six year contract with Paramount as she refused to leave her family alone in Spain.

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