SPAIN is under curfew and a total of 449 Andalucian municipalities will also be under perimeter confinement from October 30 to November 9.

Mobility is therefore reduced and there are only certain exceptions where travel is permitted, needing to be duly justified in order to avoid fines of between €60 and €60,000.

There are different justifications and scenarios that authorise mobility at curfew, or entry into or departure of an area where the perimeter is closed.

Each autonomous community can set its own regulations, however, in general terms these are the most common:

  • Hospital or Pharmacy: It is possible to go to a hospital or a pharmacy, if you are stopped by the police you will need to justify the trip by providing your medical or hospital appointment, or medical prescription.
  • Work: The Spanish Official Gazette (BOE) put into circulation on March 31 a document that permits movement for work reasons. The document can be downloaded through this link, however the document must be filled in by the company on behalf of the worker to permit unrestricted access.
  • Habitual Residence: You may return to your habitual residence as long as a census certificate or ID card is shown.
  • Care-dependent people: If you are going to care for dependent people, you can use a certificate of dependency of the person in question. In the case that you don’t possess this certificate, you may be accompanied by a police officer to the home of the person you are going to care for in order to verify the journey.
  • Petrol Station: You may go to a petrol station to fill up our vehicle, this is justified with the receipt. However, topping up your vehicle with petrol during curfew hours is only permitted because you are to carry out one of the above scenarios.

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