CATALUNYA will close its external borders on Friday with the measure lasting for at least 15 days. 

Interim president Pere Aragones also announced that all municipalities will be closed off during weekends from 6am on Fridays until 6am on Mondays. 

Only people who must travel for work, academic or medical reasons, including caring for dependants, will be exempt. 

Residents will be permitted to travel to cemeteries in bordering towns on October 31 and November 1. 

Following a meeting with health experts, the Catalan government has also decided to close gyms and prohibit all sports activities. 

Cultural events are also suspended, but museums can remain open, as can libraries but only to lend books. 

Bars, restaurants and beauty parlours will continue to remain closed after being ordered to shut down two weeks ago. 

Shopping centres are also to be closed apart from supermarkets and essential shops. 

Schools and educational centres will not be forced to close but online teaching should be opted for whenever possible.

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