MACHINES which pay you to recycle are arriving to 100 locations across Spain. 

Before the end of the year, the dozens of vending-like machines will be installed by environmental company Ecoembes. 

The goal is to make people more aware of the environment while helping to reduce waste. 

“It’s about closing the circle:  I recycle, thus allowing packaging to become new packaging,” said Ecoembes’ marketing director Nieves Rey. 

“The planet benefits and this system can help less fortunate people raise some cash, while improving the local environment.” 

The 100 machines will be placed in shopping and leisure centres, train stations and other locations. 

They will be available soon as part of the ‘Reciclos’ project, a 100% Spanish programme developed by Ecoembes. 

It will be operating across 17 towns in Catalunya, the Balearic Islands, La Rioja and Aragon by the end of the year. 

Throughout 2021, the project is expected to reach all regions of the country, including Andalucia and Valencia.

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