MORE than a third (34%) of people have noticed a deterioration in their eyesight during the pandemic, a new study has revealed.

Figures, released today by Specsavers, show that nearly half of people surveyed (44%) have become increasingly health aware due to the pandemic.

But thousands of newly health conscious people were unable to attend routine eye tests due to lockdown restrictions.

“During lockdown many of us were spending more time looking at screens, reading, or watching TV, which is likely to make people more aware of pre-existing sight conditions or prescription changes” said Specsavers director Martin Blake.

“More screen time can also lead to eye strain and visual fatigue, which isn’t usually serious but could explain why so many people have been reporting issues,” he explained.

Astoundingly half of sight loss is avoidable with routine eye tests, making check-ups essential.

“In the height of the pandemic many people may not have had access to these diagnostic tests,” said Blake. “Not only does this mean their eyesight is at risk but potentially other aspects of their health too.”

“Several changes in our vision can be signs of a wider health condition and there are some things that can only be detected during an eye test,” warned Blake.

Anyone who is concerned by the eye sight or is due a routine test should make an appointment as soon as then can, recommend experts.

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