AN ORIHUELA man will get a €60,000 payout after a delay at the Vega Baja Hospital led to him losing one of his testicles.

The Valencian Superior Court made the award after the 45-year-old suffered a crucial hold-up in getting an emergency operation in March 2015.

He got himself to the hospital at 1.15pm but was not operated on until 9.15pm.

He told emergency room staff that he was suffering from nausea, dizziness, severe pain, and swelling on one side of his scrotum.

The court ruled that if the operation had been performed earlier, he would not have lost a testicle.

The Vega Baja Hospital emergency director told judges that the delay was caused by the emergency room area being busy as well as a shift change at 3.00pm.

The Supreme Court rejected the man’s plea for a larger compensation figure of €120,000.

He said he lost his fertility and has suffered from anxiety disorders in the aftermath of his loss.

Judges ruled that there was not enough technical evidence to back up the man’s claim.

The €60,000 compensation will have to be paid by the Valencian Health Department who run the Vega Baja Hospital.

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