THE Junta de Andalucia has revealed that all non-essential businesses and activities, including restaurants and bars, must close or end by 6pm. 

The new measure aimed to tackle the spread of coronavirus will come into force from midnight tonight. 

It will be the law until at least November 23, when the rate of infection and other statistics will be analysed before deciding whether or not to extend the rule. 

In Granada, due to a much worse evolution of the disease, restaurants, bars and non-essential businesses must close entirely until November 23. 

The businesses or activities deemed essential or those which are allowed to continue operating past 6pm are the following: 

  • Shops which sell food, beverages, products and essential goods e.g. supermarkets. 
  • Health centres and social services. 
  • Veterinary centres or clinics.
  • Opticians and shops which sell orthopedic products.
  • Shops which sell hygienic products.
  • Book and stationary shops.
  • Petrol stations.
  • ITV centres for cars.
  • Home delivery services.
  • Wakes.
  • Sports centres for physical activity as long as it is in the open air.
  • Soup kitchens and other establishments for the delivery and distribution of food.
  • Driving schools.
  • Hairdressers.

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