FOUR MOROCCANS have been arrested over the kidnapping of two men in Alicante Province who were then held in Fuengirola.

Families of the captives, both aged 25 and also Moroccans, were told to pay €150,000 each for their release.

The Guardia Civil said that the kidnapping happened on September 30 with the victims assaulted and then bundled into a car on the A-7 motorway between Alicante and Murcia.

The vehicle headed south to Malaga Province and the men were kept in a small property in the centre of Fuengirola.

The captives were beaten and threatened with torture and death if their relatives did not pay the ransom.

They got little or no food and were given no access to toilet facilities.

One family paid the ransom but the mother and sister of the other prisoner went to the Guardia Civil in Alicante Province to report what had happened.

Guardia agents from Alicante, Madrid, and Malaga staged a joint operation to locate and raid the Fuengirola address to free the men and arrest their captors.

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