IT’S a phrase muttered over and over again in Malaga’s Axarquia region that raisins are good for your memory. 

The biggest producer of the dried grape snack in the province, it’s easy to see how this rumour might have persisted. 

But now the Junta of Andalucia are sorting the facts for the folklore with their new research into whether raisins can prevent Alzheimer’s. 

According to the Junta, they hope the results of their study will encourage more people to eat raisins and consequently boost the region where they’ve been produced.

A study in 2019, by the regulatory council of the Pasas de Malaga Denomination of Origin, confirmed that eating raisins is beneficial for people’s health. 

However, raisins are over eight times more calorific than grapes, so those cutting down the calories might still want to go for the non-dried diet. 

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