Reporting by Laurence Crumbie and Kirsty McKenzie

A 19-year-old boy has been killed in a fatal passer-by stabbing in Estepona. 

The incident took place outside the Diana Shopping Centre on Calle Nueva Atalaya today between 2-3pm. 

Police are currently at the scene with investigations ongoing. Witnesses have suggested that CCTV captured the violent attack on camera. 

A local shopkeeper who was inside her store at the time of the incident said: “It was just after the bus pulled up with the kids from school and a car drove by and a guy got out and stabbed him. He passed away. It’s a mess.”

An eyewitness told the Olive Press: “He was killed directly in front of his home. He was Latin American. It’s such a difficult situation.”

Groups of people, both young and old, have now gathered at the site of the tragic killing to mourn the loss of the teenager.  

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