A 41-year-old man has told the Policia Nacional in Murcia that he can’t remember abusing a girl because he is a sleepwalker.

The victim, who is a niece of the man’s partner, told authorities that he grabbed her hands in the middle of the night and placed them on his genitals.

A criminal case has been opened with the man facing a sexual abuse charge.

He has been told to stay away from the child.

The man said that he had suffered from sleeping problems for 15 years and is prone to sleepwalking.

He added that he would not remember anything that he might have done after he wakes up.

In regard to the sex assault, he told the Police Nacional that he woke up naked in the bathroom with his partner telling him what happened with the girl.

The couple were staying at a Murcia City address to babysit the child as her mother was working overnight.

When the girl told her parent what happened, the assailant’s partner responded by saying that he ‘was asleep and did not know what he was doing’.

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