AUTHORITIES in the fishing town of Rincon de la Victoria are on the hunt for the person responsible for the alleged poisoning of over 100 birds.

Police were called after neighbours from the Valle Niza urbanisation in Velez Malaga noticed a large number of dead birds littering the floor near the Castillo del Marques School. 

The majority of the birds included pigeons, turtle doves and song birds such as sparrows, finches and blackbirds. 

The environmental department of the Guardia Civil, Seprona, began an investigation into the deaths and performed autopsies on a number of the animals. 

They discovered small lesions on the digestive tract of the birds, a common side effect of chemical poisoning.

President of the Rincon Environmental Centre, Jose Carlos Canas, denounced the actions and explained that before the birds’ deaths, they were in good health, yet somehow died of irritations between the larynx and the pharynx.

Police are now carrying out an investigation to try to determine the culprit of the poisonings and the reasons behind it, however Canas explains that this is not the first time that this has happpened.

“In 2018, a similar incident occurred when dozens of birds appeared poisoned in Velez Malaga,” he said.

The incident was eventually attributed to a chemical solution that was used to spray on plants in public spaces to stop bugs, and led to a re-evaluation of the solutions used.

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