SCIENTISTS in Malaga are now studying how exercising twice a week for 50 minutes can help boost recovery from coronavirus. 

Exercises used in the study include a programme of strength and aerobic exercises to help people return to full health post-COVID-19. 

Understanding the best rehabilitation methods for coronavirus is becoming increasingly important.

Many people have reported ‘long Covid’ symptoms – such as fatigue and dehydration – that have continued for many months after first contracting the virus. 

The push towards exercise is particularly needed as, in the first lockdown, people in Spain gained between three and five kilos due to consumption of unhealthy foods, lack of exercise and many hours sat in front of a screen, according to doctors. 

Additionally, those without a healthy lifestyle may experience a more severe reaction to COVID-19.

“Subjects with obesity are more at risk of dying and needing intensive care, even more so in those who are morbidly obese,” said Francisco Tinahones, president of the Spanish Society for the Study of Obesity (SEEDO). 

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