THE Ministry of Agriculture in Malaga has launched over 90 new free online courses in plant and agriculture care to help ease the burden on furloughed workers.

The courses have been introduced to help workers in the industry build their knowledge base while they are off work during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Councillor for Agriculture in Nerja, Javier Lopez, said the courses have wide reaching potential.

“They have been designed to aid distance learning among Andalucia’s furloughed workers, but students, the elderly and the unemployed can also benefit from the skills learnt,” he said.

Among the course subjects are correct use of feeds and pest control, pruning, grafting and caring for fruit trees, and efficient use of irrigation.

For the more mechanically minded, courses for the maintenance of tractors and other agricultural machines can help teach the basics of looking after machinery.

There are also administration courses on agro-tourism, marketing and business management, plus basic stock management and digital rights courses.

In total there are over 90 courses to suit most topics covered in the agricultural and flora sector, and many can be very useful for home gardening.

The scheme has been set up by a collaboration between the Ministry and Asaja, the Association of Young Farmers in Malaga.

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