A MARIJUANA farm has been discovered above a gym on the Costa del Sol.

According to Guardia Civil, the ‘plantation’ was discovered on the upper floor of a Mijas sports centre.

The drug ring was allegedly run by the manager of the gym, with the help of several regulars.

Marijuna Gym
BRAZEN: Marijuana was growing above a gym in Mijas (CREDIT: Guardia Civil)

A total of 10 people aged between 19 and 46 – of Spanish, Senegalese and Colombian nationality – were arrested in the raid.

Police searched five premises as part of the investigation, seizing 121kg of marijuana buds, 12-gauge shotgun cartridges, various tasers and pepper spray.

The marijuana farm had a complex ventilation system which prevented the smell from reaching the gym downstairs.

It was also illegally hooked up to the town’s electricity supply to keep its lights and special equipment running 24/7.

The group had caught the attention of authorities for living a high standard of life despite not having jobs to pay for it.

The accused are charged with crimes against public health, of belonging to a criminal organisation, money laundering and electricity fraud.

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