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Google Maps clue leads police to mafia fugitive on the run for 20 years and living suburban life in...

POLICE tracked down one of Italy’s most notorious mobsters who had been on Europol’s wanted list for 20 years after he was spotted on...

Massive police bust leads to more than 100 arrests for mafia money laundering in Spain

A GROUP of 106 people have been arrested in a joint operation between Spanish and Italian police for allegedly laundering millions for mafia gangs.  Spanish...

Notorious Italian mafia boss known as ‘The Godmother’ arrested on way to Malaga

ONE of Italy’s most wanted female fugitives was arrested attempting to leave Rome’s Ciampino airport on a flight to visit family in Spain. Maria Licciardi,...

Notorious Italian mafia boss arrested by police in Spain after two years on the run

An Italian man identified as the fugitive crime boss of the ‘Ndrangheta gang, thought to be one of the world’s wealthiest criminal organizations in...

Girlfriend on trial accused of killing son of mafia boss in cold blood in Spain’s Murcia

A WOMAN is on trial for the murder of a mafia boss’s son who was gunned down in Murcia.  Cristina Elena T faces more than...

Marijuana plantation discovered above a GYM in Mijas on Spain’s Costa del Sol

A MARIJUANA farm has been discovered above a gym on the Costa del Sol. According to Guardia Civil, the 'plantation' was discovered on the...

Dodgy money deals, mafia involvement, rent-a-squatter scams – the murky underworld of free real estate in Spain

"They want to be left in peace and to pay a rent that corresponds to their income"

MARBELLA SHOOTING UPDATE: Two men flee after shooting another on Spain’s Costa del Sol

A PAIR of assassins dressed in black have fled on a motorbike after an attempted murder in Marbella today.  The two hitmen were seen attempting...

Brits being probed for connections to violent Italian mafia after 14 arrested on Spain’s Costa del Sol

The operation led to 14 arrests and the seizure of half a tonne of hashish

Murdered Irish drug dealer who had €200k debts found buried next to Costa Blanca motorway

Marie, Carl’s mother, claimed her son’s death was the result of a love triangle and has ‘nothing to do with drugs’

Alleged hitman cuffed after failed mafia hit on Costa del Sol

The suspect fled the scene of the crime and has been in hiding for the last year by squatting in numerous buildings across Malaga

Man slaughtered while he sipped beer and ate sushi on Spain’s Cost del Sol identified as Dutch narco and...

The dead Dutchman was in a conflict with the Netherlands most wanted criminal Ridouan Taghi, who has ordered around 20 deaths to protect his €100 million cocaine empire

WATCH: Russian Mafia leader arrested on Spain’s Costa del Sol while ‘plotting gang rival’s murder’

One of the leaders is said to be third-in-command of the mafia

Guardia Civil officers attacked with bottles and clubs by gang of 40 in Andalucia drug-trafficking hotspot

The nine officers were off-duty at the time of the violent incident which is believed to be in 'retaliation' to the recent crackdown of drug mafias in Cadiz

Cursach witness speaks out: “It’s like a horror movie”

A PROTECTED witness in the Tolo Cursach case has told the press that cooperating with the authorities has ‘destroyed his life’. ‘Witness 29’ has given...

Alleged Russian mafia boss arrested in Marbella for money laundering released after posting bail

ALLEGED Russian crime boss Arnold Spivakovsky has been released on bail. The reported mafia boss, who goes by the name Tamm, posted a €750,000 bail ...

Huge Russian mafia trial underway in Spain with links to Costa del Sol

SOME 18 suspected Russian mafia members have gone on trial in Spain in a huge money-laundering case. A Russian MP, Vladislav Reznik, is among the...

BADFELLAS: Italian mafia boss arrested in Costa del Sol pizzeria

AN 'important' Italian mafia leader has been arrested on the Costa del Sol.  In cooperation with Italian cops, Policia Nacional picked up the suspect in...

Spanish clinic probed for working for Nigerian mafia after prostitute minor and friend given abortions within 24 hours and...

POLICIA Nacional are investigating a well-known clinic for allegedly providing services for the Nigerian mafia. Two young African girls who had been working as prostitutes...

Bullfighting is suffering a ‘profound crisis of identity’

Bullfighting will disappear sooner rather than later

Spain issues arrest warrants for friends of Putin with alleged mafia ties

The move follows a ten year investigation into the Tambov Gang which operated out of Spain

Vladimir Putin allies assisted Russian Mafia in Spain, says prosecutor

A 488-page document links 27 people to the Russian Mafia in Spain

Italian complaint against Spanish restaurant La Mafia thrown out

Italian government demands restaurant change its name or close

The rain man of Istan

Giles Brown avoids a soaking and finds a new career as a Gondolier

British grandmother accused of laundering profits from €125million Mafia drug smuggling operation

Sheryl Rogers, 46, spent 16 years as the lover of the Mafia boss in their Tenerife home from which he operated





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