Agentes de la Policía Nacional han detenido en Marbella (creo que es Puerto Banús, para variar) al considerado número tres a nivel mundial de la mafia rusa. En un nuevo golpe contra el crimen organizado, se ha arrestado junto a otros dos individuos, pertenecientes todos ellos a la banda criminal "Vor v Zakone", mientras planeaban el asesinato de un importante miembro de un clan rival y así demostrar su fortaleza en Europa. (Texto: Marbella 24 horas).

Geplaatst door Müller Clandestine op Zondag 5 augustus 2018

THIS is the moment three members of the Russian Mafia were arrested in Marbella yesterday as part of a Policia Nacional investigation into organised crime.


One of the leaders is said to be third-in-command of the mafia and was arrested as the group held a meeting in which they were said to be planning the assassination of a rival gang leader.


According to El Correo, the planned assassination of a rival gang leader was to warn other clans of their strength in Europe.


The suspects were also thought to have been trying to restructure the organisation after Policia Nacional arrested 129 members of the clan in June, including seven highly ranked members.


The investigation was then reopened in July after a former leader of a criminal gang in Lithuania was spotted in Marbella.


The arrests were made on the grounds of attempted murder, falsification of documents and membership of a criminal organisation.


Three houses have since been searched in connection with the investigation and false IDs from Poland and Ukraine have been discovered as well as several computer hard drives.

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