THE COMBINED forces of people, police and the council came together to rid Almoradi’s Saladar neighbourhood of unwanted squatters.

Complaints from neighbours led to the rapid action and removal of the illegal occupants on Saturday, November 28.

Casa Precintanda Almoradi
SECURED: Council workers seal the access points

Once the council had been contacted, Local Police and Guardia Civil were immediately informed and attended the scene.

The squatters were reminded of the possible consequences of their criminal occupation.

After what Almoradi authorities described as “a few hours of negotiations”, the squatters left the property peacefully.

Once gone, all access points to the house were secured by the Works & Services Team.

Almoradí City Council insist they will continue this line of immediate action against the illegal occupation of houses and will not allow this type of criminal behaviour.

Local mayor, María Gómez, has stated her gratitude to the public for reporting the crime via her own social media page

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