SPANISH swimmer Mireia Belmonte has qualified for her fourth Olympic Games.

Belmonte is one of the most influential people in the world of Spanish swimming.

She was the first female Olympic champion in the history of Spanish swimming with some even calling her the greatest Spanish swimmer of all time.

Belmonte has won four Olympic medals, two at the Rio games for 200-metre butterfly in 2016 and the 400-metre individual medley, and the others in London for the 200-metre butterfly and 800-metre freestyle.

The swimmer began her Olympic career in 2008, when she competed and the Bejing games at just 17-years-old.

“Very happy with the competition this weekend and to have my ticket to my fourth Olympics!” wrote the athlete online.

“The road here has not been easy… Now there is a lot of work ahead to improve in many aspects and to be able to give my best this summer,” she said.

The qualification was particularly well received, as Belmonte hasn’t competed in eleven months.


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