ANDALUCIA has detected 478 new coronavirus cases Tuesday as its figures return to a general decline. 

The ever-important cumulative incidence rate has now dropped by five points over the past two weeks, reaching as of Tuesday 139.7 cases per 100,000 people.

The most populous region is bucking the national trend which has seen the incidence rate, on average, rise by four points since Friday. 

It also means it continues to move further away from the 250 ‘red zone’ which would qualify it as being at a ‘very high risk’ in terms of COVID-19 contagion, according to the Health Ministry. 

Out of its eight provinces, Sevilla has the lowest incidence rate, with an average of 93.6 cases per 100,000 inhabitants, followed by Malaga with 102.4. 

The most affected province is Jaen with a rate of 219.1, followed by Huelva with 194.8, Cadiz 184.2, Almeria 178.7 and Cordoba 152.2.

While the infection rate is far from the red zone, the number of deaths on average in Andalucia saw a boost on Tuesday as 49 people lost their lives to the virus in the past 24 hours. 

That’s 36 more deaths than Monday and 16 more than Tuesday last week.

By provinces, Granada saw the most with 17, followed by Malaga with 10, Almeria with eight, Sevilla and Jaen each with five, and Cadiz and Cordoba both with two, while Huelva registered none.

While the case count seems low on Tuesday, it’s worth remembering that seven days ago there were only 434 cases detected. That figure then shot up to 1,162 on Friday, 1,359 on Saturday and 1,053 on Sunday. 

The next few days will therefore be crucial in determining the evolution of the virus in the region.

Out of the provinces, Cadiz counted the most new cases Tuesday with 120, followed by Malaga with 93, Jaen with 72, Almeria with 51, Cordoba with 47, Granada with 44, Sevilla with 28 and Huelva with 23. 

Meanwhile the number of hospitalisations increased by 14, bringing the total to 1,363 (183 fewer than a week ago). 

Of these, 284 are in intensive care units, six fewer than on Monday and 56 fewer than seven days ago.

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