AN Instagram ‘influencer’ is wanted by the police after numerous violations including an illegal house party and ignoring a police check point.

The Instagram star, with more than 300,000 followers, boasted online of throwing a 500-strong house party at a ‘secret location’ somewhere in Velez-Malaga.

In a string of made up claims by the young man, he claimed that he had summoned over 500 people to attend the party through ‘Indians’ and via blockchain messaging.

In reality however, just 20 people turned up to the party held on November 28. An investigation by the Velez Malaga cybersecurity team discovered that invitations were actually only sent through Instagram messenger.

The influencer also posted photos from a seemingly random party showing many more people than actually attended, tagging in both Spanish PM Pedro Sanchez and vice-leader Pablo Iglesias and writing ‘We love pandemics!’

Police are currently investigating the claims by the Instagrammer of breaking COVID-19 protocol, as well as posting numerous videos advising followers not to wear masks.

“Any police officer who is fining for not wearing a mask on the street is illegal. If you are fined you can sue him for trespass , him and the State. Then they take away his job and salary,” he claimed.

In a double blow for the wannabe star, Police are also keen to speak to him regarding dangerous driving in what appears to be a rented Maserati sports car.

In one of his videos he is seen speeding at 120kph in a 50kph zone through Velez-Malaga.

He is also wanted for ignoring a police check point this past weekend and for driving his Maserati without valid insurance or ITV.

The craze of the internet ‘influencer’ has made the headlines recently in Marbella, when British Youtube star Ryan Taylor was arrested for pushing a BMW into a river as part of one of his videos.

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