A sommelier from Malaga has gone on a mission to make the world’s worst wine. 

Dubbed ‘Cero Puntos Parker’ the name suggests the concoction is worth ‘Zero Parker Points’, which in top tier wine circles suggests it’s undrinkable. 

But Enrique Lopez has named the bottle in protest against the pomp and ceremony that surrounds the wine world. 

There is nothing worse than a vino snob. We’ve all encountered them: people that spend ten years sniffing their glass before they take a sip and won’t drink anything with a screw cap or without a five star rating. 

So, Cero Puntos Parker pushes back against the point based tide, eschewing all ranking systems to exist in a league of its own in Malaga. 

Put simply by Lopez: “You don’t have to be a connoisseur to enjoy something that is simply very good.”

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