A FATHER in Mallorca has been jailed for repeatedly raping his two daughters over a decade.

The man received a 24 year sentence after being found guilty of sexually abusing his two children from 2008 to 2017.

The court heard that the abuse began when his daughters were eight and ten years old.

The man had separated from his wife, moving out of the family home.

The pair would visit their father at his new apartment in Palma on the weekends where he would take advantage of them.

As well as raping them, he would penetrate the girls with sex toys and even forced them to take part in threesomes.

Prosecutors explained that he would blackmail his children, repeatedly promising them that if they had sex with him one more time he would never touch them again.

He would always break this promise and used rape as a punishment for anything he considered to be bad behaviour.

One of the girls had even attempted to take her own life on three occasions as a result of the abuse.

His crimes was uncovered in 2018 when one of the girls confided in her teacher.

They immediately notified the police and the father was arrested.

Throughout the trial, the man denied abusing his daughters, however the judge found the girls’ testimonies to be ‘extremely credible’.

As well as serving a 24 year sentence, the man has been ordered to pay his daughters €12,000 each for their psychological trauma.

He has also been banned from contacting them for 15 years.

It comes after a man was sentenced to ten years in jail after sexually abusing his underage niece.

The defendant, aged 30, admitted in court to raping the girl, aged 11, more than ten times at his home in Migjorn.

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